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Parmesan Pita Chips and Cannellini Bean Dip

Last night was cd-cover layout night! This is also known as “me making myself useful” night, since that’s the way I was able to contribute to the effort – horsing around with Photoshop and placing the wording and so on. … Continue reading

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Pork and Turkey Chili

White meat and the other white meat! Together in chili form! But it’s not a white chili. And to be honest, the seasonings and other assorted contents of the chili make it tough for me to determine which meat I’m … Continue reading

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Chocolate Chip Scones

We’ve been having a bit of a tough time at work for some reason – it’s sort of like a bunch of problems are all happening at once, so we’re a bit swamped, and my team and one other team … Continue reading

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I’ve joined the ranks of bloggers at! MassBytes is a site run by Sarah Sparks, who, despite her irrational hate for peanut butter, is actually a lovely person, and she decided to turn her affinity for food and the … Continue reading

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Budget Pesto Tortellini

While I have always been about doing things a little more on the budget side, just on principle, I’m not a “budget blog.” I don’t put up the prices of stuff I’m using, I don’t tell you what to buy … Continue reading

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Chicken Alphabet Soup

It’s been a long time since I’ve had alphabet soup, so I had forgotten that it’s usually just vegetables (well, and alphabet pasta), until Matt reminded me that this was unusual in that it had chicken in it. I thought … Continue reading

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Slow-Cooker Asian Pork Tacos

There’s only one problem with slow-cookers, but it’s a big one: you have to spend all afternoon smelling the delicious food and watching it bubble away and cook itself and you can’t touch it for another 6 hours. This is … Continue reading

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