moving soon…

I just wanted to say that we’re going to be moving at the end of this month, which is to say at the start of week. I may be slow getting back online again, not sure, and I may be slow at moderating comments. I can still update and moderate from work, of course, but depending on the status of the unpacking situation, I may not be cooking much worth posting about. Likewise leading up to the move – I’d rather have the freedom to pack any given kitchen implement at any time, you know? Plus I can write posts, but if I can’t upload a picture, I’m not going to publish the post.

And I’m nearly done the last bag of Good Health chips! The Sesame and Garlic Humbles! These have a really interesting and complex flavour. They have the sesame flavour – they all do, actually – and the garlic is somewhat less prominent, but there was also some sweetness there that I’m going to chalk up to the red pepper the ingredients mention, and I also got to feel like I have a killer palate when I determined there was soy sauce in there. And there was! I should go on Hell’s Kitchen just for the palate challenge! Or… perhaps not. Yeah.

Anyway, see you sometime in September!

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2 Responses to moving soon…

  1. tigerfish says:

    Hope your move is smooth :)

  2. camille says:

    Thanks! I’m moved in now, but I haven’t gotten around to really cooking anything yet… maybe this weekend.

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