Salmon Burgers

The best thing about me-only-food time is salmon. Matt is not a fish guy; I’m not a fish girl except a) sushi and b) salmon [or, of course, c) both at the same time]. Plus, a burger with onions mixed in would be barely tolerable to him, and mixing in corn… anyway, in real life, it was delicious. I’m sorry that some people can’t enjoy it – allergic folks, vegetarians, Matt – but you know what? More for me!

The recipe comes from Okie Dokie Artichokie, which, ok, ADORABLE. Okie doke, artichokie! Eeeee. Aaaanyway, I halved it, even though that was still too much for one person, but I got to enjoy leftovers for a couple of days. This made 3 burgers. Also, the original recipe involved a mayo-and-lemon-juice spread, which is also a good idea, but I think I under-did it with the lemon juice, so it was essentially mayo. Still good.

Oh! Right! And I also almost burned my apartment down. I’ve never actually used the broiler here before, so I don’t know what it WAS that was smoking like a champ – whether it was the food, the element, or some other thing elsewhere in the works – but it started pouring out of the stove burners after I’d cooked it for a few minutes. I didn’t want to open the oven door, since a huge blast of smoke would come out and make the smoke alarm go off. So I put the fan on, opened a window, opened the oven a crack every now and again, and turned the oven off altogether. With it staying shut and having been preheated to “broil” temperature, it was still hot enough to cook the salmon.

Salmon Burgers

1 salmon filet, skin removed
1/2 tbsp butter, melted
1/2 tsp lemon juice
1/2 small red onion, finely diced (perhaps even… minced!)
2 tbsp corn kernels
1 tbsp mayonnaise
4 dashes hot sauce
1/2 an egg, beaten enough to halve it
1 tbsp panko
salt and pepper
vegetable oil

Put the oven rack to the highest level.
Turn the broiler on.
Plop your salmon filet on a baking sheet and salt it, pepper it, paint it with melted butter, and drizzle lemon juice over it.
Bake for 8 minutes under the broiler (or, if you’re trying to avoid kitchen fires, however many minutes you can handle, then turn off the heat and leave the salmon in the hot oven until the 9-minute mark).
Take it out and leave it aside to cool a few minutes.
Mix together all the rest of the ingredients in a bowl – that is, the red onion, corn, mayo, egg, panko, and hot sauce.
Flake the salmon with forks.
Mix it into the bowl with everything else.
Form the mixture into patties, as many as are appropriate.
Heat the oil in a non-stick pan over medium heat.
Cook each patty for 6 – 7 min on the first side (it’s ok to do several at once).
Flip them over – carefully! – and cook the other side for 5 minutes.
Serve on toasted, mayo-slathered kaiser buns, with some lettuce and onion (I used some of the leftover green onions).

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4 Responses to Salmon Burgers

  1. I’ve made burgers with canned tuna – you just inspired me to try it with salmon! Of course I love the idea of using a salmon fillet as well. My husband is not much of a fish person (luckily he eats salmon with me when I cook it infrequently…) but he eats the tuna burgers I make.
    Isn’t cooking with new (or new to you) appliances so fun!

  2. camille says:

    I can’t decide whether I want to use the broiler again, on the hopes that there was just something on it and it’s burned off now and everything will be fine, or I never want to use it again!

    Of course, using canned salmon would obviate that problem entirely, since it’s already cooked and flaked – but if salmon filets are easy enough to come by where you are, it’s pretty darn tasty. I mean, you could just eat the salmon without making it into burgers and it would still be great.

  3. Hey Camille!

    It’s Steph from okie dokie artichokie. Looks like your salmon burgers turned out to be quite the success — they look gorgeous and delicious. You’ve got me craving to make them again! :-)

    I know, the broiler situation can sometimes be tricky. Especially in an apartment! You’re brave! :-p Sometimes what I do is make sure I haven’t sprayed the baking sheet or aluminum foil with any butter/oil, otherwise it will burn. You can also opt to just sear the salmon on the stove and then pop it in the oven to bake for a little bit longer, taking care to not overcook it. That’s always the trick. I hardly ever order salmon at restaurants anymore because they have a tendency to cook it until it’s rock hard. Blegh! :-)

    Hope that’s helpful! And apologies for me writing you a novel. I have a knack for that. :-p

  4. camille says:

    Hi Steph!
    I think it must have been some butter that ran off from the salmon and onto the baking sheet that burned – at least, that sounds plausible! But you know what, I’ve shied away from broiler recipes until this, and if the worst that happened was having to get creative with smoke management, maybe I’ll do it more often now.

    You know what, not only were the burgers delicious as burgers, but one of them kind of fell apart a bit so I just ate it in a salad the next day, and… still awesome.

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